Title 49

SECTION 195.134

195.134 CPM leak detection.

§ 195.134 CPM leak detection. Link to an amendment published at 84 FR 52295, Oct. 1, 2019.

This section applies to each hazardous liquid pipeline transporting liquid in single phase (without gas in the liquid). On such systems, each new computational pipeline monitoring (CPM) leak detection system and each replaced component of an existing CPM system must comply with section 4.2 of API RP 1130 (incorporated by reference, see § 195.3) in its design and with any other design criteria addressed in API RP 1130 for components of the CPM leak detection system.

[Amdt. 195-62, 63 FR 36376, July 6, 1998, as amended by Amdt. 195-99, 80 FR 186, Jan. 5, 2015]