Title 49

SECTION 195.116

195.116 Valves.

§ 195.116 Valves.

Each valve installed in a pipeline system must comply with the following:

(a) The valve must be of a sound engineering design.

(b) Materials subject to the internal pressure of the pipeline system, including welded and flanged ends, must be compatible with the pipe or fittings to which the valve is attached.

(c) Each part of the valve that will be in contact with the carbon dioxide or hazardous liquid stream must be made of materials that are compatible with carbon dioxide or each hazardous liquid that it is anticipated will flow through the pipeline system.

(d) Each valve must be both hydrostatically shell tested and hydrostatically seat tested without leakage to at least the requirements set forth in Section 11 of ANSI/API Spec 6D (incorporated by reference, see § 195.3).

(e) Each valve other than a check valve must be equipped with a means for clearly indicating the position of the valve (open, closed, etc.).

(f) Each valve must be marked on the body or the nameplate, with at least the following:

(1) Manufacturer's name or trademark.

(2) Class designation or the maximum working pressure to which the valve may be subjected.

(3) Body material designation (the end connection material, if more than one type is used).

(4) Nominal valve size.

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