Title 49

SECTION 195.114

195.114 Used pipe.

§ 195.114 Used pipe.

Any used pipe installed in a pipeline system must comply with § 195.112 (a) and (b) and the following:

(a) The pipe must be of a known specification and the seam joint factor must be determined in accordance with § 195.106(e). If the specified minimum yield strength or the wall thickness is not known, it is determined in accordance with § 195.106 (b) or (c) as appropriate.

(b) There may not be any:

(1) Buckles;

(2) Cracks, grooves, gouges, dents, or other surface defects that exceed the maximum depth of such a defect permitted by the specification to which the pipe was manufactured; or

(3) Corroded areas where the remaining wall thickness is less than the minimum thickness required by the tolerances in the specification to which the pipe was manufactured.

However, pipe that does not meet the requirements of paragraph (b)(3) of this section may be used if the operating pressure is reduced to be commensurate with the remaining wall thickness. [Amdt. 195-22, 46 FR 38360, July 27, 1981; 47 FR 32721, July 29, 1982]