Title 49

SECTION 195.112

195.112 New pipe.

§ 195.112 New pipe.

Any new pipe installed in a pipeline system must comply with the following:

(a) The pipe must be made of steel of the carbon, low alloy-high strength, or alloy type that is able to withstand the internal pressures and external loads and pressures anticipated for the pipeline system.

(b) The pipe must be made in accordance with a written pipe specification that sets forth the chemical requirements for the pipe steel and mechanical tests for the pipe to provide pipe suitable for the use intended.

(c) Each length of pipe with a nominal outside diameter of 4 1/2 in (114.3 mm) or more must be marked on the pipe or pipe coating with the specification to which it was made, the specified minimum yield strength or grade, and the pipe size. The marking must be applied in a manner that does not damage the pipe or pipe coating and must remain visible until the pipe is installed.

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