Title 49

SECTION 192.183

192.183 Vaults: Structural design requirements.

§ 192.183 Vaults: Structural design requirements.

(a) Each underground vault or pit for valves, pressure relieving, pressure limiting, or pressure regulating stations, must be able to meet the loads which may be imposed upon it, and to protect installed equipment.

(b) There must be enough working space so that all of the equipment required in the vault or pit can be properly installed, operated, and maintained.

(c) Each pipe entering, or within, a regulator vault or pit must be steel for sizes 10 inch (254 millimeters), and less, except that control and gage piping may be copper. Where pipe extends through the vault or pit structure, provision must be made to prevent the passage of gases or liquids through the opening and to avert strains in the pipe.

[35 FR 13257, Aug. 19, 1970, as amended by Amdt. 192-85, 63 FR 37503, July 13, 1998]