Title 49

SECTION 192.165

192.165 Compressor stations: Liquid removal.

§ 192.165 Compressor stations: Liquid removal.

(a) Where entrained vapors in gas may liquefy under the anticipated pressure and temperature conditions, the compressor must be protected against the introduction of those liquids in quantities that could cause damage.

(b) Each liquid separator used to remove entrained liquids at a compressor station must:

(1) Have a manually operable means of removing these liquids.

(2) Where slugs of liquid could be carried into the compressors, have either automatic liquid removal facilities, an automatic compressor shutdown device, or a high liquid level alarm; and

(3) Be manufactured in accordance with section VIII ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) (incorporated by reference, see § 192.7) and the additional requirements of § 192.153(e) except that liquid separators constructed of pipe and fittings without internal welding must be fabricated with a design factor of 0.4, or less.

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