Title 49

SECTION 192.144

192.144 Qualifying metallic components.

§ 192.144 Qualifying metallic components.

Notwithstanding any requirement of this subpart which incorporates by reference an edition of a document listed in § 192.7 or Appendix B of this part, a metallic component manufactured in accordance with any other edition of that document is qualified for use under this part if -

(a) It can be shown through visual inspection of the cleaned component that no defect exists which might impair the strength or tightness of the component; and

(b) The edition of the document under which the component was manufactured has equal or more stringent requirements for the following as an edition of that document currently or previously listed in § 192.7 or appendix B of this part:

(1) Pressure testing;

(2) Materials; and

(3) Pressure and temperature ratings.

[Amdt. 192-45, 48 FR 30639, July 5, 1983, as amended by Amdt. 192-94, 69 FR 32894, June 14, 2004]