Title 49

SECTION 192.1001

192.1001 What definitions apply to this subpart

§ 192.1001 What definitions apply to this subpart?

The following definitions apply to this subpart:

Excavation Damage means any impact that results in the need to repair or replace an underground facility due to a weakening, or the partial or complete destruction, of the facility, including, but not limited to, the protective coating, lateral support, cathodic protection or the housing for the line device or facility.

Hazardous Leak means a leak that represents an existing or probable hazard to persons or property and requires immediate repair or continuous action until the conditions are no longer hazardous.

Integrity Management Plan or IM Plan means a written explanation of the mechanisms or procedures the operator will use to implement its integrity management program and to ensure compliance with this subpart.

Integrity Management Program or IM Program means an overall approach by an operator to ensure the integrity of its gas distribution system.

Mechanical fitting means a mechanical device used to connect sections of pipe. The term “Mechanical fitting” applies only to:

(1) Stab Type fittings;

(2) Nut Follower Type fittings;

(3) Bolted Type fittings; or

(4) Other Compression Type fittings.

Small LPG Operator means an operator of a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) distribution pipeline that serves fewer than 100 customers from a single source.

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