Title 49

SECTION 195.404

195.404 Maps and records.

§ 195.404 Maps and records.

(a) Each operator shall maintain current maps and records of its pipeline systems that include at least the following information:

(1) Location and identification of the following pipeline facilities:

(i) Breakout tanks;

(ii) Pump stations;

(iii) Scraper and sphere facilities;

(iv) Pipeline valves;

(v) Facilities to which § 195.402(c)(9) applies;

(vi) Rights-of-way; and

(vii) Safety devices to which § 195.428 applies.

(2) All crossings of public roads, railroads, rivers, buried utilities, and foreign pipelines.

(3) The maximum operating pressure of each pipeline.

(4) The diameter, grade, type, and nominal wall thickness of all pipe.

(b) Each operator shall maintain for at least 3 years daily operating records that indicate -

(1) The discharge pressure at each pump station; and

(2) Any emergency or abnormal operation to which the procedures under § 195.402 apply.

(c) Each operator shall maintain the following records for the periods specified:

(1) The date, location, and description of each repair made to pipe shall be maintained for the useful life of the pipe.

(2) The date, location, and description of each repair made to parts of the pipeline system other than pipe shall be maintained for at least 1 year.

(3) A record of each inspection and test required by this subpart shall be maintained for at least 2 years or until the next inspection or test is performed, whichever is longer.

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