Title 49

SECTION 195.310

195.310 Records.

§ 195.310 Records.

(a) A record must be made of each pressure test required by this subpart, and the record of the latest test must be retained as long as the facility tested is in use.

(b) The record required by paragraph (a) of this section must include:

(1) The pressure recording charts;

(2) Test instrument calibration data;

(3) The name of the operator, the name of the person responsible for making the test, and the name of the test company used, if any;

(4) The date and time of the test;

(5) The minimum test pressure;

(6) The test medium;

(7) A description of the facility tested and the test apparatus;

(8) An explanation of any pressure discontinuities, including test failures, that appear on the pressure recording charts;

(9) Where elevation differences in the section under test exceed 100 feet (30 meters), a profile of the pipeline that shows the elevation and test sites over the entire length of the test section; and

(10) Temperature of the test medium or pipe during the test period.

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