Title 49

SECTION 178.345-9

178.345-9 Pumps, piping, hoses and connections.

§ 178.345-9 Pumps, piping, hoses and connections.

(a) Suitable means must be provided during loading or unloading operations to ensure that pressure within a cargo tank does not exceed test pressure.

(b) Each hose, piping, stop-valve, lading retention fitting and closure must be designed for a bursting pressure of the greater of 100 psig or four times the MAWP.

(c) Each hose coupling must be designed for a bursting pressure of the greater of 120 psig or 4.8 times the MAWP of the cargo tank, and must be designed so that there will be no leakage when connected.

(d) Suitable provision must be made to allow for and prevent damage due to expansion, contraction, jarring, and vibration. Slip joints may not be used for this purpose in the lading retention system.

(e) Any heating device, when installed, must be so constructed that the breaking of its external connections will not cause leakage of the cargo tank lading.

(f) Any gauging, loading or charging device, including associated valves, must be provided with an adequate means of secure closure to prevent leakage.

(g) The attachment and construction of each loading/unloading or charging line must be of sufficient strength, or be protected by a sacrificial device, such that any load applied by loading/unloading or charging lines connected to the cargo tank cannot cause damage resulting in loss of lading from the cargo tank.

(h) Use of a nonmetallic pipe, valve or connection that is not as strong and heat resistant as the cargo tank material is authorized only if such attachment is located outboard of the lading retention system.

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