Title 49

SECTION 1152.22

1152.22 Contents of application.

§ 1152.22 Contents of application.

Applications for the abandonment of railroad lines or the discontinuance of rail service shall contain the following information, including workpapers and supporting documents, and each paragraph (a) through (j) of this section shall be attested to by a person having personal knowledge of the matters contained therein:

(a) General. (1) Exact name of applicant.

(2) Whether applicant is a common carrier by railroad subject to 49 U.S.C. Subtitle IV, chapter 105.

(3) Relief sought (abandonment of line or discontinuance of service).

(4) Detailed map of the subject line on a sheet not larger than 8 × 10 1/2 inches, drawn to scale, and with the scale shown thereon. The map must show, in clear relief, the exact location of the rail line to be abandoned or over which service is to be discontinued and its relation to other rail lines in the area, highways, water routes, and population centers.

(5) Reference to inclusion of the rail line to be abandoned or over which service is to be discontinued on the carrier's system diagram map or narrative, in compliance with §§ 1152.10 through 1152.13, and the date upon which such line was first listed on the system diagram map or included in the narrative in category 1 in accordance with § 1152.10(b)(1). A copy of the line description which accompanies the system diagram map shall also be submitted.

(6) Detailed statement of reasons for filing application.

(7) Name, title, and address of representative of applicant to whom correspondence should be sent.

(8) List of all United States Postal Service ZIP Codes that the line proposed for abandonment traverses.

(b) Condition of properties. The present physical condition of the line including any operating restrictions and estimate of deferred maintenance and rehabilitation costs (e.g., number of ties that need replacing, miles of rail that need replacing and/or new ballast, bridge repairs or replacement needed, and estimated labor expenses necessary to upgrade the line to minimum Federal Railroad Administration class 1 safety standards). The bases for the estimates shall be stated with particularity, and workpapers shall be filed with the application.

(c) Service provided. Description of the service performed on the line during the Base Year (as defined by § 1152.2(c)), including the actual:

(1) Number of trains operated and their frequency.

(2) Miles of track operated (include main line and all railroad-owned sidings).

(3) Average number of locomotive units operated.

(4) Total tonnage and carloads by each commodity group on the line.

(5) Overhead or bridge traffic by carload commodity group that will not be retained by the carrier.

(6) Average crew size.

(7) Level of maintenance.

(8) Any important changes in train service undertaken in the 2 calendar years immediately preceding the filing of the application.

(9) Reasons for decline in traffic, if any, in the best judgment of applicant.

(d) Revenue and cost data. (1) Computation of the revenues attributable and avoidable costs for the line to be abandoned for the Base Year (as defined by § 1152.2(c) and to the extent such branch level data are available), in accordance with the methodology prescribed in §§ 1152.31 through 1152.33, as applicable, and submitted in the form called for in § 1152.36, as Exhibit 1.

(2) The carrier shall compute an estimate of the future revenues attributable, avoidable costs and reasonable return on the value for the line to be abandoned, for the Forecast Year (as defined in § 1152.2(h)) in the form called for in Exhibit 1. The carrier shall fully support and document all dollar amounts shown in the Forecast Year column including an explanation of the rationale and key assumptions used to determine the Forecast Year amounts.

(3) The carrier shall also compute an “Estimated Subsidy Payment” for the Base Year in the form called for in Exhibit 1 and an alternate payment to reflect:

(i) Increases or decreases in attributable revenues and avoidable costs projected for the subsidy year; and

(ii) An estimate, in reasonable detail, of the cash income tax reductions, Federal and state, to be realized in the subsidy year. The bases for the adjustment, e.g., rate increase, changes in traffic level, necessary maintenance to comply with minimum Federal Railroad Administration class 1 safety standards, shall be stated with particularity.

(e) Rural and community impact. (1) The name and population (identify source and date of figures) of each community in which a station on the line is located.

(2) Identification of significant users, as defined in § 1152.2(l), by name, address, principal commodity, and by tonnage and carloads for each of the 2 calendar years immediately preceding the filing of the abandonment or discontinuance application, for that part of the current year for which information is available, and for the Base Year. In addition, the total tonnage and carloads for each commodity group originating and/or terminating on the line segment shall also be shown for the same time periods as those of the significant users.

(3) General description of the alternate sources of transportation service (rail, motor, water, air) available, and the highway network in the proximate area.

(4) Statement of whether the properties proposed to be abandoned are appropriate for use for other public purposes, including roads or highways, other forms of mass transportation, conservation, energy production or transmission, or recreation. If the applicant is aware of any restriction on the title to the property, including any reversionary interest, which would affect the transfer of title or the use of property for other than rail purposes, this shall be disclosed.

(f) Environmental impact. The applicant shall submit information regarding the environmental impact of the proposed abandonment or discontinuance in compliance with §§ 1105.7 and 1105.8. If certain information required by the environmental regulations duplicates information required elsewhere in the application, the environmental information requirements may be met by a specific reference to the location of the information elsewhere in the application.

(g) Passenger service. If passenger service is provided on the line, the applicant shall state whether appropriate steps have been taken for discontinuance pursuant to the Rail Passenger Service Act. (45 U.S.C. 501 et seq.)

(h) Additional information. The applicant shall submit such additional information to support its application as the Board may require.

(i) Draft Federal Register notice. The Board will publish the notice in the Federal Register within 20 days of the application's filing with the Board. The draft notice shall be in the form set forth below:

STB No. AB-____ (Sub-No. ____) Notice of Application to Abandon or to Discontinue Service

On (insert date application was filed with the Board) (name of applicant) filed with the Surface Transportation Board, Washington, D.C. 20423, an application for permission for the abandonment of (the discontinuance of service on) a line of railroad known as ______ extending from railroad milepost near (station name) to (the end of line or rail milepost) near (station name), a distance of ______ miles, in [County(ies), State(s)]. The line includes the stations of (list all stations on the line in order of milepost number, indicating milepost location) and traverses through ______ (ZIP Codes) United States Postal Service ZIP Codes.

The line (does) (does not) contain federally granted rights-of-way. Any documentation in the railroad's possession will be made available promptly to those requesting it. The applicant's entire case for abandonment (or discontinuance) (case in chief) was filed with the application.

This line of railroad has appeared on the applicant's system diagram map or has been included in its narrative in category 1 since (insert date).

The interest of railroad employees will be protected by (specify the appropriate conditions).

Any interested person may file with the Surface Transportation Board written comments concerning the proposed abandonment (or discontinuance) or protests (including the protestant's entire opposition case), within 45 days after the application is filed. All interested persons should be aware that following any abandonment of rail service and salvage of the line, the line may be suitable for other public use, including interim trail use. Any request for a public use condition under 49 U.S.C. 10905 (§ 1152.28 of the Board's rules) and any request for a trail use condition under 16 U.S.C. 1247(d) (§ 1152.29 of the Board's rules) must be filed within 45 days after the application is filed. Persons who may oppose the abandonment or discontinuance but who do not wish to participate fully in the process by appearing at any oral hearings or by submitting verified statements of witnesses, containing detailed evidence should file comments. Persons interested only in seeking public use or trail use conditions should also file comments. Persons opposing the proposed abandonment or discontinuance that do wish to participate actively and fully in the process should file a protest.

In addition, a commenting party or protestant may provide:

(i) An offer of financial assistance, pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 10904 (due 120 days after the application is filed or 10 days after the application is granted by the Board, whichever occurs sooner);

(ii) Recommended provisions for protection of the interests of employees;

(iii) A request for a public use condition under 49 U.S.C. 10905; and

(iv) A statement pertaining to prospective use of the right-of-way for interim trail use and rail banking under 16 U.S.C. 1247(d) and § 1152.29.

Parties seeking information concerning the filing of protests should refer to § 1152.25.

Written comments and protests, including all requests for public use and trail use conditions, must indicate the proceeding designation STB No. AB __ (Sub-No. __) and should be filed with the Chief, Section of Administration, Office of Proceedings, Surface Transportation Board (Board), Washington, DC 20423-0001, no later than (insert the date 45 days after the date applicant intends to file its application). Interested persons may file a written comment or protest with the Board to become a party to this abandonment (or discontinuance) proceeding. A copy of each written comment or protest shall be served upon the representative of the applicant (insert name, address, and phone number). Every comment or protest shall be filed with the Board with a certificate of service. Except as otherwise set forth in part 1152, every document filed with the Board must be served on all parties to the abandonment proceeding. 49 CFR 1104.12(a).

The line sought to be abandoned (or discontinued) will be available for subsidy or sale for continued rail use, if the Board decides to permit the abandonment (or discontinuance), in accordance with applicable laws and regulations (49 U.S.C. 10904 and 49 CFR 1152.27). No subsidy arrangement approved under 49 U.S.C. 10904 shall remain in effect for more than 1 year unless otherwise mutually agreed by the parties (49 U.S.C. 10904(f)(4)(B)). Applicant will promptly provide upon request to each interested party an estimate of the subsidy and minimum purchase price required to keep the line in operation. The carrier's representative to whom inquiries may be made concerning sale or subsidy terms is (insert name and business address).

Persons seeking further information concerning abandonment procedures may contact the Surface Transportation Board or refer to the full abandonment or discontinuance regulations at 49 CFR part 1152. Questions concerning environmental issues may be directed to the Board's Office of Environmental Analysis.

An environmental assessment (EA) (or environmental impact statement (EIS), if necessary) prepared by the Office of Environmental Analysis will be served upon all parties of record and upon any agencies or other persons who commented during its preparation. Any other persons who would like to obtain a copy of the EA (or EIS) may contact the Office of Environmental Analysis. EAs in these abandonment proceedings normally will be made available within 33 days of the filing of the application. The deadline for submission of comments on the EA will generally be within 30 days of its service. The comments received will be addressed in the Board's decision. A supplemental EA or EIS may be issued where appropriate.

(j) Verification. The original application shall be executed and verified in the form set forth below by an officer of the carrier having knowledge of the facts and matters relied upon.

Verification State of ______ ss. County of ______________

_________________ (Name of affiant) makes oath and says that (s)he is the ______ (title of affiant) of the ______ (name of applicant) applicant herein; that (s)he has been authorized by the applicant (or as appropriate, a court) to verify and file with the Surface Transportation Board the foregoing application in STB AB-__ (Sub-No. __); that (s)he has carefully examined all of the statements in the application as well as the exhibits attached thereto and made a part thereof; that (s)he has knowledge of the facts and matters relied upon in the application; and that all representations set forth therein are true and correct to the best of his(her) knowledge, information, and belief.


Subscribed and sworn to before me ______ in and for the State and County above named, this ______ day of __________, 19__.

My Commission expires [61 FR 67883, Dec. 24, 1996, as amended at 74 FR 52909, Oct. 15, 2009; 83 FR 15079, Apr. 9, 2018; 84 FR 12945, Apr. 3, 2019]