Title 49

SECTION 1152.12

1152.12 Filing and publication.

§ 1152.12 Filing and publication.

(a) Each carrier required to file a system diagram map or a narrative shall file with the Board three copies of a complete and up-dated color-coded system diagram map or narrative (identified by its “AB number”) and the accompanying line descriptions in conformance with the filing and publication requirements of this section. If a revised map or narrative is filed, the line descriptions for the lines which were revised must be filed.

(b) The color-coded system diagram map or narrative, any amendments, and accompanying line descriptions shall be served upon the Governor, the Public Service Commission (or equivalent agency) and the designated state agency of each state within which the carrier operates or owns a line of railroad.

(c) The carrier shall: (1) Publish in a newspaper of general circulation in each county containing category 1 through 3 lines or lines being revised, a notice containing:

(i) A black-and-white copy of the system diagram map (or a portion of the map clearly depicting its lines in that county); and

(ii) A description of each line (in the case of Class III carriers only the line description is required);

(2) Post a copy of the newspaper notice:

(i) In each agency station or terminal on each line in categories 1 through 3 and on each line which has been revised; or

(ii) If there is no agency station on the line, at any station through which business for the line is received or forwarded;

(3) Furnish, at reasonable cost, upon request of any interested person, a copy of its system diagram map (either color-coded or black-and-white) or narrative; and

(4) Notify interested persons of this availability through its publication in the appropriate county newspaper.

(d) Each carrier required to file a system diagram map or narrative shall file with the Board an affidavit of service and publication stating the date each was accomplished. A copy of each newspaper notice published shall be attached to the affidavit. The effective date of the filing of the initial system diagram map or narrative and each amended system diagram map or narrative as required in paragraph (a) of this section shall be deemed to be the date upon which the Board receives the affidavit required in this paragraph.

(e) The Board shall require republication of the notice if it is found to be inadequate.

[61 FR 67883, Dec. 24, 1996, as amended at 64 FR 53268, Oct. 1, 1999]