Title 7

SECTION 51.1913

51.1913 Serious damage.

§ 51.1913 Serious damage.

Serious damage means any defect which seriously affects the appearance, or edible, shipping, or keeping quality of the tomatoes. Any one of the following defects or any combination thereof, the seriousness of which exceeds the maximum allowed for any one defect, shall be considered as serious damage:

(a) Soft ripe tomatoes or tomatoes affected by the soft rot.

(b) Fresh holes or cuts, or any holes or cuts through the tomato wall, or healed cuts which seriously affect the appearance of the tomato.

(c) Tomatoes showing any effects of freezing.

(d) Puffiness which causes the tomato to be distinctly light in weight.

(e) Growth cracks, when not well healed, or when so extensive, deep or discolored that the appearance of the tomato is seriously affected.

(f) Scars (except catfaces), when dark colored and shallow and aggregating more than 1/2 inch in diameter on a tomato 2 1/2 inches in diameter, or lighter colored, shallow scars covering a greater area when they detract from the appearance to a greater extent than a darkcolored, shallow scar 1/2 inch in diameter. Smaller tomatoes shall have lesser areas of scars and larger tomatoes may have greater areas: Provided, That such scars do not affect the appearance of the tomatoes to a greater extent than that caused by scars which are permitted on a 2 1/2-inch tomato.

(g) Dry rot such as dry type Macrosporium or Phoma, when the spot is not adjacent to the stem scar, or when adjacent to the stem scar and more than 1/4 inch in diameter.

(h) Fruit actually infested with worms.