Title 49 Part 178 → Subpart J → §178.337-11

Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 178 → Subpart J → §178.337-11

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Title 49 Part 178 → Subpart J → §178.337-11

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter CPart 178Subpart J → §178.337-11

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart J—Specifications for Containers for Motor Vehicle Transportation

§178.337-11   Emergency discharge control.

(a) Emergency discharge control equipment. Emergency discharge control equipment must be installed in a liquid discharge line as specified by product and service in §173.315(n) of this subchapter. The performance and certification requirements for emergency discharge control equipment are specified in §173.315(n) of this subchapter and are not a part of the cargo tank motor vehicle certification made under this specification.

(b) Engine fuel lines. On a truck-mounted cargo tank, emergency discharge control equipment is not required on an engine fuel line of not more than 34 NPT equipped with a valve having an integral excess flow valve or excess flow feature.

[64 FR 28050, May 24, 1999]

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