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Title 49 → Subtitle B → Chapter I → Subchapter C → Part 178 → Subpart J → §178.318-2

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Title 49 Part 178 → Subpart J → §178.318-2

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter CPart 178Subpart J → §178.318-2

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart J—Specifications for Containers for Motor Vehicle Transportation

§178.318-2   Container.

(a) Every container for detonators and percussion caps coming within the scope of this specification shall be constructed entirely of hard rubber, phenolresinous or other resinous material, or other nonmetallic, nonsparking material, except that metal parts may be used in such locations as not in any event to come in contact with any of the caps. Space shall be provided so that each detonator of whatever nature may be inserted in an individual cell in the body of the container, into which each such cap shall snugly fit. There shall be provided no more than twenty (20) such cellular spaces. Space may be provided into which a plurality of percussion caps may be carried, provided that such space may be closed with a screw cap, and further provided that each or any such space is entirely separate from any space provided for any detonator. Each cellular space into which a detonator is to be inserted and carried shall be capable of being covered by a rotary cover so arranged as to expose not more than one cell at any time, and capable of rotation to such a place that all cells will be covered at the same time, at which place means shall be provided to lock the cover in place. Means shall be provided to lock in place the cover for the cells provided for the carrying of detonators. The requirement that not more than one cell be exposed at one time need not apply in the case of detonators, although spaces for such caps and detonators shall be separate. Sufficient annular space shall be provided inside the cover for such detonators that, when the cover is closed, there will be sufficient space to accommodate the wires customarily attached to such caps. If the material is of such a nature as to require treatment to prevent the absorption of moisture, such treatment shall be applied as shall be necessary in order to provide against the penetration of water by permeation. A suitable carrying handle shall be provided, except for which handle no part of the container may project beyond the exterior of the body.

(b) Exhibited in plates I and II are line drawings of a container for detonators and percussion caps, illustrative of the requirements set forth in §178.318-2(a). These plates shall not be construed as a part of this specification.

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