Title 49

SECTION 213.303

213.303 Responsibility for compliance.

§ 213.303 Responsibility for compliance.

(a) Any owner of track to which this subpart applies who knows or has notice that the track does not comply with the requirements of this subpart, shall -

(1) Bring the track into compliance; or

(2) Halt operations over that track.

(b) If an owner of track to which this subpart applies assigns responsibility for the track to another person (by lease or otherwise), notification of the assignment shall be provided to the appropriate FRA Regional Office at least 30 days in advance of the assignment. The notification may be made by any party to that assignment, but shall be in writing and include the following -

(1) The name and address of the track owner;

(2) The name and address of the person to whom responsibility is assigned (assignee);

(3) A statement of the exact relationship between the track owner and the assignee;

(4) A precise identification of the track;

(5) A statement as to the competence and ability of the assignee to carry out the duties of the track owner under this subpart;

(6) A statement signed by the assignee acknowledging the assignment to that person of responsibility for purposes of compliance with this subpart.

(c) The Administrator may hold the track owner or the assignee or both responsible for compliance with this subpart and subject to the penalties under § 213.15.

(d) When any person, including a contractor for a railroad or track owner, performs any function required by this part, that person is required to perform that function in accordance with this part.