Title 49

SECTION 199.237

199.237 Other alcohol-related conduct.

§ 199.237 Other alcohol-related conduct.

(a) No operator shall permit a covered employee tested under the provisions of § 199.225, who is found to have an alcohol concentration of 0.02 or greater but less than 0.04, to perform or continue to perform covered functions, until:

(1) The employee's alcohol concentration measures less than 0.02 in accordance with a test administered under § 199.225(e); or

(2) The start of the employee's next regularly scheduled duty period, but not less than eight hours following administration of the test.

(b) Except as provided in paragraph (a) of this section, no operator shall take any action under this subpart against an employee based solely on test results showing an alcohol concentration less than 0.04. This does not prohibit an operator with authority independent of this subpart from taking any action otherwise consistent with law.