Title 49

SECTION 194.117

194.117 Training.

§ 194.117 Training.

(a) Each operator shall conduct training to ensure that:

(1) All personnel know -

(i) Their responsibilities under the response plan,

(ii) The name and address of, and the procedure for contacting, the operator on a 24-hour basis, and

(iii) The name of, and procedures for contacting, the qualified individual on a 24-hour basis;

(2) Reporting personnel know -

(i) The content of the information summary of the response plan,

(ii) The toll-free telephone number of the National Response Center, and

(iii) The notification process; and

(3) Personnel engaged in response activities know -

(i) The characteristics and hazards of the oil discharged,

(ii) The conditions that are likely to worsen emergencies, including the consequences of facility malfunctions or failures, and the appropriate corrective actions,

(iii) The steps necessary to control any accidental discharge of oil and to minimize the potential for fire, explosion, toxicity, or environmental damage, and

(iv) The proper firefighting procedures and use of equipment, fire suits, and breathing apparatus.

(b) Each operator shall maintain a training record for each individual that has been trained as required by this section. These records must be maintained in the following manner as long as the individual is assigned duties under the response plan:

(1) Records for operator personnel must be maintained at the operator's headquarters; and

(2) Records for personnel engaged in response, other than operator personnel, shall be maintained as determined by the operator.

(c) Nothing in this section relieves an operator from the responsibility to ensure that all response personnel are trained to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards for emergency response operations in 29 CFR 1910.120, including volunteers or casual laborers employed during a response who are subject to those standards pursuant to 40 CFR part 311.