Title 49

SECTION 194.113

194.113 Information summary.

§ 194.113 Information summary.

(a) The information summary for the core plan, required by § 194.107, must include:

(1) The name and address of the operator; and

(2) For each response zone which contains one or more line sections that meet the criteria for determining significant and substantial harm as described in § 194.103, a listing and description of the response zones, including county(s) and state(s).

(b) The information summary for the response zone appendix, required in § 194.107, must include:

(1) The information summary for the core plan;

(2) The names or titles and 24-hour telephone numbers of the qualified individual(s) and at least one alternate qualified individual(s);

(3) The description of the response zone, including county(s) and state(s), for those zones in which a worst case discharge could cause substantial harm to the environment;

(4) A list of line sections for each pipeline contained in the response zone, identified by milepost or survey station number, or other operator designation;

(5) The basis for the operator's determination of significant and substantial harm; and

(6) The type of oil and volume of the worst case discharge.

[58 FR 253, Jan. 5, 1993, as amended by Amdt. 194-4, 70 FR 8748, Feb. 23, 2005]