Title 49

SECTION 194.109

194.109 Submission of state response plans.

§ 194.109 Submission of state response plans.

(a) In lieu of submitting a response plan required by § 194.103, an operator may submit a response plan that complies with a state law or regulation, if the state law or regulation requires a plan that provides equivalent or greater spill protection than a plan required under this part.

(b) A plan submitted under this section must

(1) Have an information summary required by § 194.113;

(2) List the names or titles and 24-hour telephone numbers of the qualified individual(s) and at least one alternate qualified individual(s); and

(3) Ensure through contract or other approved means the necessary private personnel and equipment to respond to a worst case discharge or a substantial threat of such a discharge.

[58 FR 253, Jan. 5, 1993, as amended by Amdt. 194-4, 70 FR 8748, Feb. 23, 2005]