Title 49

SECTION 190.407

190.407 Master Agreement.

§ 190.407 Master Agreement.

PHMSA and the applicant will enter into an agreement within 60 days after PHMSA received notification from the applicant provided in § 190.405, outlining PHMSA's recovery of the costs associated with the facility design safety review.

(a) A Master Agreement, at a minimum, includes:

(1) Itemized list of direct costs to be recovered by PHMSA;

(2) Scope of work for conducting the facility design safety review and an estimated total cost;

(3) Description of the method of periodic billing, payment, and auditing of cost recovery fees;

(4) Minimum account balance which the applicant must maintain with PHMSA at all times;

(5) Provisions for reconciling differences between total amount billed and the final cost of the design review, including provisions for returning any excess payments to the applicant at the conclusion of the project;

(6) A principal point of contact for both PHMSA and the applicant; and

(7) Provisions for terminating the agreement.

(8) A project reimbursement cost schedule based upon the project timing and scope.

(b) [Reserved]