Title 49

SECTION 190.403

190.403 Applicability.

§ 190.403 Applicability.

The following paragraph specifies which projects will be subject to the cost recovery requirements of this section.

(a) This section applies to any project that -

(1) Has design and construction costs totaling at least $2,500,000,000, as periodically adjusted by PHMSA, to take into account increases in the Consumer Price Index for all urban consumers published by the Department of Labor, based on -

(i) The cost estimate provided to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in an application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for a gas pipeline facility or an application for authorization for a liquefied natural gas pipeline facility; or

(ii) A good faith estimate developed by the applicant proposing a hazardous liquid or carbon dioxide pipeline facility and submitted to the Associate Administrator. The good faith estimate for design and construction costs must include all of the applicable cost items contained in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission application referenced in § 190.403(a)(1)(i) for a gas or LNG facility. In addition, an applicant must take into account all survey, design, material, permitting, right-of way acquisition, construction, testing, commissioning, start-up, construction financing, environmental protection, inspection, material transportation, sales tax, project contingency, and all other applicable costs, including all segments, facilities, and multi-year phases of the project;

(2) Uses new or novel technologies or design, as defined in § 190.3.

(b) The Associate Administrator may not collect design safety review fees under this section and 49 U.S.C. 60301 for the same design safety review.

(c) The Associate Administrator, after receipt of the design specifications, construction plans and procedures, and related materials, determines if cost recovery is necessary. The Associate Administrator's determination is based on the amount of PHMSA resources needed to ensure safety and environmental protection.