Title 49

SECTION 190.331

190.331 Petitions for rulemaking.

§ 190.331 Petitions for rulemaking.

(a) Any interested person may petition the Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety to establish, amend, or repeal a substantive regulation, or may petition the Chief Counsel to establish, amend, or repeal a procedural regulation.

(b) Each petition filed under this section must -

(1) Summarize the proposed action and explain its purpose;

(2) State the text of the proposed rule or amendment, or specify the rule proposed to be repealed;

(3) Explain the petitioner's interest in the proposed action and the interest of any party the petitioner represents; and

(4) Provide information and arguments that support the proposed action, including relevant technical, scientific or other data as available to the petitioner, and any specific known cases that illustrate the need for the proposed action.

(c) If the potential impact of the proposed action is substantial, and information and data related to that impact are available to the petitioner, the Associate Administrator or the Chief Counsel may request the petitioner to provide -

(1) The costs and benefits to society and identifiable groups within society, quantifiable and otherwise;

(2) The direct effects (including preemption effects) of the proposed action on States, on the relationship between the Federal Government and the States, and on the distribution of power and responsibilities among the various levels of government;

(3) The regulatory burden on small businesses, small organizations and small governmental jurisdictions;

(4) The recordkeeping and reporting requirements and to whom they would apply; and

(5) Impacts on the quality of the natural and social environments.

(d) The Associate Administrator or Chief Counsel may return a petition that does not comply with the requirements of this section, accompanied by a written statement indicating the deficiencies in the petition.