Title 49

SECTION 178.819

178.819 Vibration test.

§ 178.819 Vibration test.

(a) General. The vibration test must be conducted for the qualification of all rigid IBC design types. Flexible IBC design types must be capable of withstanding the vibration test.

(b) Test method. (1) A sample IBC, selected at random, must be filled and closed as for shipment. IBCs intended for liquids may be tested using water as the filling material for the vibration test.

(2) The sample IBC must be placed on a vibrating platform with a vertical or rotary double-amplitude (peak-to-peak displacement) of one inch. The IBC must be constrained horizontally to prevent it from falling off the platform, but must be left free to move vertically and bounce.

(3) The test must be performed for one hour at a frequency that causes the package to be raised from the vibrating platform to such a degree that a piece of material of approximately 1.6-mm (0.063-inch) thickness (such as steel strapping or paperboard) can be passed between the bottom of the IBC and the platform. Other methods at least equally effective may be used (see § 178.801(i)).

(c) Criteria for passing the test. An IBC passes the vibration test if there is no rupture or leakage.

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