Title 49

SECTION 178.817

178.817 Righting test.

§ 178.817 Righting test.

(a) General. The righting test must be conducted for the qualification of all flexible IBCs designed to be lifted from the top or side.

(b) Special preparation for the righting test. The flexible IBC must be filled to not less than 95 percent of its capacity and to its maximum net mass, with the load being evenly distributed.

(c) Test method. The flexible IBC, lying on its side, must be lifted at a speed of at least 0.1 m/second (0.33 ft/s) to an upright position, clear of the floor, by one lifting device, or by two lifting devices when four are provided.

(d) Criterion for passing the test. For all flexible IBCs, there may be no damage to the IBC or its lifting devices which renders the IBC unsafe for transportation or handling.

[Amdt. 178-103, 59 FR 38074, July 26, 1994, as amended at 66 FR 45386, Aug. 28, 2001]