Title 49

SECTION 178.702

178.702 IBC codes.

§ 178.702 IBC codes.

(a) Intermediate bulk container code designations consist of: two numerals specified in paragraph (a)(1) of this section; followed by the capital letter(s) specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section; followed, when specified in an individual section, by a numeral indicating the category of intermediate bulk container.

(1) IBC code number designations are as follows:

Type For solids, discharged For liquids
by gravity Under pressure of more than 10 kPa (1.45 psig)
Rigid 11 21 31
Flexible 13

(2) Intermediate bulk container code letter designations are as follows:

“A” means steel (all types and surface treatments). “B” means aluminum. “C” means natural wood. “D” means plywood. “F” means reconstituted wood. “G” means fiberboard. “H” means plastic. “L” means textile. “M” means paper, multiwall. “N” means metal (other than steel or aluminum).

(b) For composite IBCs, two capital letters are used in sequence following the numeral indicating IBC design type. The first letter indicates the material of the IBC inner receptacle. The second letter indicates the material of the outer IBC. For example, 31HA1 is a composite IBC with a plastic inner receptacle and a steel outer packaging.

[Amdt. 178-103, 59 FR 38068, July 26, 1994, as amended at 66 FR 45386, Aug. 28, 2001]