Title 49

SECTION 178.513

178.513 Standards for boxes of natural wood.

§ 178.513 Standards for boxes of natural wood.

(a) The following are the identification codes for boxes of natural wood:

(1) 4C1 for an ordinary box; and

(2) 4C2 for a box with sift-proof walls.

(b) Construction requirements for boxes of natural wood are as follows:

(1) The wood used must be well-seasoned, commercially dry and free from defects that would materially lessen the strength of any part of the box. The strength of the material used and the method of construction must be appropriate to the capacity and intended use of the box. The tops and bottoms may be made of water-resistant reconstituted wood such as hard board, particle board or other suitable type.

(2) Fastenings must be resistant to vibration experienced under normal conditions of transportation. End grain nailing must be avoided whenever practicable. Joints which are likely to be highly stressed must be made using clenched or annular ring nails or equivalent fastenings.

(3) Each part of the 4C2 box must be one piece or equivalent. Parts are considered equivalent to one piece when one of the following methods of glued assembly is used: Linderman joint, tongue and groove joint, ship lap or rabbet joint, or butt joint with at least two corrugated metal fasteners at each joint.

(4) Maximum net mass: 400 kg (882 pounds).

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