Title 49

SECTION 178.33d-3

178.33d-3 Variation 2.

§ 178.33d-3 Variation 2.

Notwithstanding the variation provided in this paragraph, each container must otherwise conform to a DOT 2Q container in accordance with § 178.33a. The following conditions also apply under Variation 2 -

(a) Manufacture. Ends: The ends shall be designed to withstand pressure and the container equipped with a pressure relief system (e.g., rim-venting release or a dome expansion device) designed to buckle prior to the burst of the container.

(b) Tests. (1) One out of each lot of 25,000 containers or less, successively produced per day shall be pressure tested to destruction at gauge pressure and must not burst below 270 psig. For containers with a pressure relief system as described in paragraph (a) of this section and assembled, failure at a location other than the pressure relief system will reject the lot.

(2) Each such 25,000 containers or less, successively produced per day, shall constitute a lot and if the test container(s) shall fail, the lot shall be rejected. Otherwise, ten (10) additional containers of each container design produced may be selected at random and subjected to the test. These containers shall be complete with ends assembled. Should any of the containers thus tested fail, the entire lot must be rejected. All containers constituting a lot shall be of like material, size, design construction, finish, and quality.

(c) Marking. By means of printing, lithographing, embossing, or stamping, each container must be marked:

(1) DOT-2Q2.

(2) With the name or symbol of the person making the mark. A symbol, if used, must be registered with the Associate Administrator.

[81 FR 3685, Jan. 21, 2016]