Title 49

SECTION 178.255-10

178.255-10 Lining.

§ 178.255-10 Lining.

(a) If a lining is required, the material used for lining the tank shall be homogeneous, nonporous, imperforate when applied, not less elastic than the metal of the tank proper. It shall be of substantially uniform thickness, not less than 1/32 inch thick if metallic, and not less than 1/16 inch thick if nonmetallic, and shall be directly bonded or attached by other equally satisfactory means. Rubber lining shall be not less than 3/16 inch thick. Joints and seams in the lining shall be made by fusing the material together or by other equally satisfactory means. The interior of the tank shall be free from scale, oxidation, moisture and all foreign matter during the lining operation.

(b) [Reserved]