Title 49

SECTION 178.1045

178.1045 Drop test.

§ 178.1045 Drop test.

(a) General. The drop test must be conducted for the qualification of all Flexible Bulk Container design types and performed periodically as specified in § 178.1035(e) of this subpart.

(b) Special preparation for the drop test. Flexible Bulk Containers must be filled to their maximum permissible gross mass.

(c) Test method. (1) A sample of all Flexible Bulk Container design types must be dropped onto a rigid, non-resilient, smooth, flat and horizontal surface. This test surface must be large enough to be immovable during testing and sufficiently large enough to ensure that the test Flexible Bulk Container falls entirely upon the surface. The test surface must be kept free from local defects capable of influencing the test results.

(2) Following the drop, the Flexible Bulk Container must be restored to the upright position for observation.

(d) Drop height. (1) For all Flexible Bulk Containers, drop heights are specified as follows: Packing group III: 0.8 m (2.6 feet)

(2) Drop tests are to be performed with the solid to be transported or with a non-hazardous material having essentially the same physical characteristics.

(e) Criteria for passing the test. For all Flexible Bulk Container design types there may be no loss of the filling substance. However a slight discharge (e.g., from closures or stitch holes) upon impact is not considered a failure of the Flexible Bulk Container provided that no further leakage occurs after the container has been restored to the upright position.