Title 49

SECTION 1560.205

1560.205 Redress process.

§ 1560.205 Redress process.

(a) If an individual believes he or she has been improperly or unfairly delayed or prohibited from boarding an aircraft or entering a sterile area as a result of the Secure Flight program, the individual may seek assistance through the redress process established under this section.

(b) An individual may obtain the forms and information necessary to initiate the redress process on the DHS TRIP Web site at http://www.dhs.gov/trip or by contacting the DHS TRIP office by mail. Individuals should send written requests for forms to the DHS TRIP office and include their name and address in the request. DHS will provide the necessary forms and information to individuals through its Web site or by mail.

(c) The individual must send to the DHS TRIP office the personal information and copies of the specified identification documents. If TSA needs additional information in order to continue the redress process, TSA will so notify the individual in writing and request that additional information. The DHS TRIP Office will assign the passenger a unique identifier, which TSA will recognize as the Redress Number, and the passenger may use that Redress Number in future correspondence with TSA and when making future travel reservations.

(d) TSA, in coordination with the TSC and other appropriate Federal law enforcement or intelligence agencies, if necessary, will review all the documentation and information requested from the individual, correct any erroneous information, and provide the individual with a timely written response.