Title 49

SECTION 1560.1

1560.1 Scope, purpose, and implementation.

§ 1560.1 Scope, purpose, and implementation.

(a) Scope. This part applies to the following:

(1) Aircraft operators required to adopt a full program under 49 CFR 1544.101(a).

(2) Foreign air carriers required to adopt a security program under 49 CFR 1546.101(a) or (b).

(3) Airport operators that seek to authorize individuals to enter a sterile area for purposes approved by TSA.

(4) Individuals who seek redress in accordance with subpart C of this part.

(b) Purpose. The purpose of this part is to enhance the security of air travel within the United States and support the Federal government's counterterrorism efforts by assisting in the detection of individuals identified on Federal government watch lists who seek to travel by air, and to facilitate the secure travel of the public. This part enables TSA to operate a watch list matching program known as Secure Flight, which involves the comparison of passenger and non-traveler information with the identifying information of individuals on Federal government watch lists.

(c) Implementation. Each covered aircraft operator must begin requesting the information described in § 1560.101(a)(1) and have the capability to transmit SFPD to TSA in accordance with its Aircraft Operator Implementation Plan (AOIP) as approved by TSA. Each covered aircraft operator must begin transmitting information to TSA as required in § 1560.101(b) on the date specified in, and in accordance with, its AOIP as approved by TSA. TSA will inform each covered aircraft operator 60 days prior to the date on which TSA will assume the watch list matching function from that aircraft operator.