Title 40

SECTION 147.2924

147.2924 Area permits.

§ 147.2924 Area permits.

(a) Area permits may be issued for more than one injection well if the following conditions are met:

(1) All existing wells are described and located in the permit application;

(2) All wells are within the same well field, project, reservoir or similar unit;

(3) All wells are of similar construction; and

(4) All wells are operated by the same owner/operator.

(b) Area permits shall specify:

(1) The area within which injection is authorized; and

(2) The requirements for construction, monitoring, reporting, operation and abandonment for all wells authorized by the permit.

(c) Area permits can authorize the construction and operation of new wells within the permit area, if:

(1) The permittee notifies the Regional Administrator in the annual report of when and where any new wells have or will be drilled;

(2) The new wells meet the criteria outlined in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section; and

(3) The effects of the new wells were addressed in the permit application and approved by the Regional Administrator.