Title 40

SECTION 147.2918

147.2918 Permit application information.

§ 147.2918 Permit application information.

(a) The owner/operator must submit the original and three copies of the permit application, with two complete sets of attachments, to the Osage UIC office. The application should be signed by the owner/operator or a duly authorized representative. The application should also include appropriate forms (i.e., BIA's Application for Operation or Report on Wells and EPA's permit application). The applicant has the burden of proof to show that the proposed injection activities will not endanger USDWs.

(b) The application shall include the information listed below. Information required by paragraphs (b) (5), (7), or (9) of this section that is contained in EPA or BIA files may be included in the application by reference.

(1) Map using township-range sections showing the area of review and identifying all wells of public record penetrating the injection interval.

(2) Tabulation of data on the wells identified in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, including location, depth, date drilled, and record of plugging and/or completion.

(3) Operating data:

(i) Maximum and average injection rate;

(ii) Maximum and average injection pressure;

(iii) Whether operation is on cyclic or continuous operation basis; and

(iv) Source and appropriate analysis of injected fluids, including total dissolved solids, chlorides, and additives.

(4) Geologic data on the injection and confining zones, including faults, geological name, thickness permeability, depth and lithologic description.

(5) Depth to base of fresh water.

(6) Schematic drawings of the surface and subsurface details of the well, showing:

(i) Total depth or plug-back depth;

(ii) Depth to top and bottom of injection interval;

(iii) Depths to tops and bottoms of casing and cemented intervals, and amount of cement to be used;

(iv) Size of casing and tubing, and depth of packer; and

(v) Hole diameter.

(7) Proof that surety bond has been filed with the BIA Superintendent in accordance with 25 CFR 226.6. A surety bond must be maintained until the well has been properly plugged.

(8) Verification of public notice, consisting of a list showing the names, addresses, and date that notice of permit application was given or sent to:

(i) The surface land owner;

(ii) Tenants on land where injection well is located or proposed to be located; and

(iii) Each operator of a producing lease within one-half mile of the well location.

(9) All available logging and testing data on the well (for existing wells, i.e., wells to be converted or wells previously authorized by rule).

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2040-0042)