Title 40

SECTION 147.2915

147.2915 Requiring a permit for wells authorized by rule.

§ 147.2915 Requiring a permit for wells authorized by rule.

(a) The Regional Administrator may require the owner or operator of any well authorized by rule to apply for an individual or area permit. The Regional Administrator shall notify the owner/operator in writing that a permit application is required. The notice shall contain:

(1) Explanation of need for application;

(2) Application form and, if appropriate, a list of additional information to be submitted; and

(3) Deadline for application submission.

(b) Cases in which the Regional Administrator may require a permit include:

(1) The owner or operator is not in compliance with provisions of the rule;

(2) Injection well is no longer within the category of wells authorized by rule;

(3) Protection of USDWs requires that the injection operation be regulated by requirements which are not contained in the rule; or

(4) Discretion of Regional Administrator.

(c) Injection is no longer authorized by rule upon the effective date of a permit or permit denial, or upon failure of the owner/operator to submit an application in a timely manner as specified in the notice described in paragraph (a) of this section.

(d) Any owner/operator authorized by rule may request to be excluded from the coverage of the rules by applying for an individual or area UIC permit.