Title 40

SECTION 146.69

146.69 Reporting requirements.

§ 146.69 Reporting requirements.

Reporting requirements shall, at a minimum, include:

(a) Quarterly reports to the Director containing:

(1) The maximum injection pressure;

(2) A description of any event that exceeds operating parameters for annulus pressure or injection pressure as specified in the permit;

(3) A description of any event which triggers an alarm or shutdown device required pursuant to § 146.67(f) and the response taken;

(4) The total volume of fluid injected;

(5) Any change in the annular fluid volume;

(6) The physical, chemical and other relevant characteristics of injected fluids; and

(7) The results of monitoring prescribed under § 146.68.

(b) Reporting, within 30 days or with the next quarterly report whichever comes later, the results of:

(1) Periodic tests of mechanical integrity;

(2) Any other test of the injection well conducted by the permittee if required by the Director; and

(3) Any well workover.