Title 33

SECTION 127.609

127.609 Dry chemical systems.

§ 127.609 Dry chemical systems.

(a) Each marine transfer area for LNG must have a dry chemical system that provides at least two dry chemical discharges to the area surrounding the loading arms, one of which must be -

(1) From a monitor; and

(2) Actuated and, except for pre-aimed monitors, controlled from a location other than the monitor location.

(b) The dry chemical system must have the capacity to supply simultaneously or sequentially each hose or monitor in the system for 45 seconds.

(c) Each dry chemical hose station must have at least one length of hose that -

(1) Is on a hose rack or reel; and

(2) Has a nozzle with a valve that starts and stops the flow of dry chemical.

[CGD 78-038, 53 FR 3376, Feb. 7, 1988, as amended at CGD 88-049, 60 FR 39796, Aug. 3, 1995]