Title 33

SECTION 127.315

127.315 Preliminary transfer inspection.

§ 127.315 Preliminary transfer inspection.

Before transferring LNG, the person in charge of shoreside transfer operations shall -

(a) Inspect the transfer piping and equipment to be used during the transfer and replace any worn or inoperable parts;

(b) For each of the vessel's cargo tanks from which cargo will be transferred, note the pressure, temperature, and volume to ensure they are safe for transfer;

(c) Review and agree with the person in charge of cargo transfer on the vessel to -

(1) The sequence of transfer operations;

(2) The transfer rate;

(3) The duties, location, and watches of each person assigned for transfer operations; and

(4) Emergency procedures from the examined Emergency Manual;

(d) Ensure that transfer connections allow the vessel to move to the limits of its moorings without placing strain on the loading arm or transfer piping system;

(e) Ensure that each part of the transfer system is aligned to allow the flow of LNG to the desired location;

(f) Ensure that warning signs that warn that LNG is being transferred, are displayed;

(g) Eliminate all ignition sources in the marine transfer area for LNG;

(h) Ensure that personnel are on duty in accordance with the examined Operations Manual; and

(i) Test the following to determine that they are operable:

(1) The sensing and alarm systems.

(2) The emergency shutdown system.

(3) The communication systems.

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