Title 33

SECTION 127.307

127.307 Emergency Manual.

§ 127.307 Emergency Manual.

Each Emergency Manual must contain -

(a) LNG release response procedures, including contacting local response organizations;

(b) Emergency shutdown procedures;

(c) A description of the fire equipment and systems and their operating procedures;

(d) A description of the emergency lighting and emergency power systems;

(e) The telephone numbers of local Coast Guard units, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and other emergency response organizations;

(f) If the waterfront facility handling LNG has personnel shelters, the location of and provisions in each shelter;

(g) First aid procedures and if there are first aid stations, the locations of each station; and

(h) Emergency procedures for mooring and unmooring a vessel.

[CGD 78-038, 53 FR 3376, Feb. 7, 1988, as amended by CGD 88-049, 60 FR 39796, Aug. 3, 1995]