Title 33

SECTION 127.1507

127.1507 Water systems for fire protection.

§ 127.1507 Water systems for fire protection.

(a) Each waterfront facility handling LHG must have a supply of water and a means for distributing and applying the water to protect personnel; to cool storage tanks, equipment, piping, and vessels; and to control unignited leaks and spills in the marine transfer area for LHG except when the evaluation required by § 127.1501(a) indicates otherwise. The evaluation must address fire protection for structures, cargo, and vessels. Each water system must include on the pier or wharf at least one 2 1/2-inch supply line, one 2 1/2-inch fire hydrant, and enough 2 1/2-inch hose to connect the hydrant to the vessel.

(b) Each water system must fully and simultaneously supply, for at least 2 hours, all fixed fire-protection systems, including monitor nozzles, at their designed flow and pressure for the worst single incident foreseeable, plus 63 L/s (1000 gpm) for streams from hand-held hoses.