Title 33

SECTION 127.1325

127.1325 Access to marine transfer area for LHG.

§ 127.1325 Access to marine transfer area for LHG.

Each operator of a waterfront facility handling LHG shall ensure that -

(a) Access to the marine transfer area for LHG from shoreside and waterside is limited to -

(1) Personnel who work in the area, transfer personnel, vessel personnel, and delivery and service personnel in the course of their business;

(2) Federal, State, and local officials; and

(3) Other persons authorized by the operator;

(b) Each person allowed into the area is positively identified as someone authorized to enter and that each person other than an employee of the facility displays an identifying badge;

(c) Guards are stationed, and fences or other devices are installed, to prevent, detect, and respond to unauthorized access, fires, and releases of LHG in the area, except that alternative measures approved by the COTP (such as electronic monitoring or random patrols) will be sufficient where the stationing of guards is impracticable; and

(d) Coast Guard personnel are allowed access to the facility, at any time, to make any examination or to board any vessel moored at the facility.