Title 33

SECTION 127.1321

127.1321 Release of LHG.

§ 127.1321 Release of LHG.

(a) Each operator of a waterfront facility handling LHG shall ensure that -

(1) No person intentionally releases LHG into the environment; and

(2) If a release of LHG or its vapor threatens vessels or persons outside the marine transfer area for LHG, they are notified by the warning devices.

(b) If LHG or its vapor is released, the person in charge of transfer for the facility shall -

(1) Immediately notify the person in charge of transfer aboard the vessel that transfer must be shut down;

(2) Shut down transfer in coordination with the person aboard the vessel;

(3) Notify the COTP of the release; and

(4) Not resume transfer until authorized by the COTP.