Title 33

SECTION 127.1307

127.1307 Emergency Manual.

§ 127.1307 Emergency Manual.

(a) Each Emergency Manual must contain -

(1) For each LHG handled -

(i) A physical description of the LHG;

(ii) A description of the hazards of the LHG;

(iii) First-aid procedures for persons exposed to the LHG or its vapors;

(iv) The procedures for response to a release of the LHG; and,

(v) If the LHG is flammable, the procedures for fighting a fire involving the LHG or its vapors;

(2) A description of the emergency shutdown required by § 127.1205;

(3) The procedures for emergency shutdown;

(4) A description of the number, kind, place, and use of the fire equipment required by § 127.1501(a) and of the portable fire extinguishers required by § 127.1503;

(5) The telephone numbers of local Coast Guard units, hospitals, fire departments, police departments, and other emergency-response organizations;

(6) If the facility has personnel shelters, the place of and provisions in each shelter;

(7) If the facility has first-aid stations, the location of each station;

(8) Emergency procedures for mooring and unmooring a vessel; and,

(9) If an off-site organization is to furnish emergency response, a copy of the written agreement required by § 127.1505(a)(2).

(b) The employee-emergency plan and fire-prevention plan required by OSHA in 29 CFR 1910.38 may be used to comply with this section to the extent that they address the requirements specified in paragraphs (a) (1) through (9) of this section.

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