Title 33

SECTION 127.1305

127.1305 Operations Manual.

§ 127.1305 Operations Manual.

Each Operations Manual must contain -

(a) A description of each liquid-transfer system and vapor transfer system, including each mooring area, transfer connection, and (where installed) control room, and a diagram of the piping and electrical systems;

(b) The duties of each person assigned to transfers;

(c) The maximum relief-valve setting or MAWP of the transfer system;

(d) The telephone numbers of supervisors, persons in charge of transfers for the facility, persons on watch in the marine transfer area for LHG, and security personnel of the facility;

(e) A description for each security system provided for the transfer area;

(f) A description of the training programs established under § 127.1302;

(g) The procedures to follow for security violations; and

(h) For each LHG handled, the procedures for transfer that include -

(1) Requirements for each aspect of the transfer (start-up, gauging, cooldown, pumping, venting, and shutdown);

(2) The maximum transfer rate;

(3) The minimum transfer temperature;

(4) Requirements for firefighting equipment; and

(5) Communication procedures.