Title 33

SECTION 127.1109

127.1109 Lighting systems.

§ 127.1109 Lighting systems.

(a) Each waterfront facility handling LHG, at which transfers of LHG take place between sunset and sunrise, must have outdoor lighting that illuminates the marine transfer area for LHG.

(b) All outdoor lighting must be located or shielded so that it cannot be mistaken for any aids to navigation and does not interfere with navigation on the adjacent waterways.

(c) The outdoor lighting must provide a minimum average illumination on a horizontal plane 1 meter (3.3 feet) above the walking surface of the marine transfer area that is -

(1) 54 lux (5 foot-candles) at any loading flange; and

(2) 11 lux (1 foot-candle) for the remainder of the marine transfer area for LHG.