Title 33

SECTION 127.109

127.109 Lighting systems.

§ 127.109 Lighting systems.

(a) The marine transfer area for LNG must have a lighting system and separate emergency lighting.

(b) All outdoor lighting must be located or shielded so that it is not confused with any aids to navigation and does not interfere with navigation on the adjacent waterways.

(c) The lighting system must provide an average illumination on a horizontal plane one meter (3.3 feet) above the deck that is -

(1) 54 lux (five foot-candles) at any loading flange; and

(2) 11 lux (one foot-candle) at each work area.

(d) The emergency lighting must provide lighting for the operation of the -

(1) Emergency shutdown system;

(2) Communications equipment; and

(3) Firefighting equipment.

[CGD 78-038, 53 FR 3376, Feb. 7, 1988, as amended by CGD 88-049, 60 FR 39795, Aug. 3, 1995]