Title 33

SECTION 127.103

127.103 Piers and wharves.

§ 127.103 Piers and wharves.

(a) If the waterfront facility handling LNG is in a region subject to earthquakes, the piers and wharves must be designed to resist earthquake forces.

(b) Substructures, except moorings and breasting dolphins, that support or are within 5 meters (16.4 feet) of any pipe or equipment containing LNG, or are within 15 meters (49.2 feet) of a loading flange, must -

(1) Be made of concrete or steel; and

(2) Have a fire endurance rating of not less than two hours.

(c) LNG or LPG storage tanks must have the minimum volume necessary for -

(1) Surge protection;

(2) Pump suction supply; or

(3) Other process needs.

[CGD 78-038, 53 FR 3376, Feb. 7, 1988, as amended at CGD 88-049, 60 FR 39796, Aug. 3, 1995]