Title 33

SECTION 20.502

20.502 Settlements.

§ 20.502 Settlements.

(a) The parties may submit a proposed settlement to the ALJ.

(b) The proposed settlement must be in the form of a proposed decision, accompanied by a motion for its entry. The decision must recite the reasons that make it acceptable, and it must be signed by the parties or their representatives.

(c) The proposed decision must contain -

(1) An admission of all jurisdictional facts;

(2) An express waiver of -

(i) Any further procedural steps before the ALJ; and

(ii) All rights to seek judicial review, or otherwise challenge or contest the validity, of the decision;

(3) A statement that the decision will have the same force and effect as would a decision made after a hearing; and

(4) A statement that the decision resolves all matters needing to be adjudicated.