Title 30

SECTION 550.1155

550.1155 What information must I submit for sensitive reservoirs

§ 550.1155 What information must I submit for sensitive reservoirs?

You must submit to the Regional Supervisor an original and two copies of Form BOEM-0127; one of the copies must be a public information copy in accordance with §§ 550.186 and 550.197, and marked “Public Information.” You must also submit two copies of the supporting information, as listed in the table in § 550.1167. You must submit this information:

(a) Within 45 days after beginning production from the reservoir or discovering that it is sensitive;

(b) At least once during the calendar year, but you do not need to resubmit unrevised structure maps (§ 550.1167(a)(2)) or previously submitted well logs (§ 550.1167(c)(1));

(c) Within 45 days after you revise reservoir parameters; and

(d) Within 45 days after the Regional Supervisor classifies the reservoir as sensitive under § 550.1154(c).